Translating this is tricky!

First, we should know what means "تربت يداك". Literally, it means you will be poor.

> ترِب الشَّخصُ / ترِبت يدُه : افتقر ، كأنه لصق بالتراب [(ref)][1]

Second, look how is translated in English Hadith books:

 - "may you be blessed!" - [here][2]
 - "(otherwise) you will be a loser" - [here][3]


I think the closer translation is: "(otherwise) you will be a loser"



"تربت يداك" is a saying of Arabs, you say for how you know well or love, the real meaning of it is "may your hands be on the dirt", and when man's hands are on the dirt _in Arabic_ means that the man is so poor.
but, the this sentence really means *in Arabic* is to **Motivate** the one you are talking to.

In short words, the sentence "فاظفر بذات الدين تربت يداك" means "who gets the woman that has a good religious attitudes, Wins the welfare"
in Arabic: "الذي ظفر بذات الدين هو الذي فاز بالخير"